2020 Will be a turning point for me with my art taking a trip into abstract that I have never before taken yet always wanted to. The enjoyment for me is placing the colours and textures onto the canvas in an instinctive way to create atmosphere and movement. If it brings a smile to my face then it will surely do the same for others.

This year I have begun working several paintings at the same time. This allows me to begin with a theme and then allow each painting to develop in its own way. As the layers build so the painting goes off in unexpected ways until only the essence of the original idea is left, with all the energy yet none of the confines of its origin.

As each painting progress then the work slows with a more considered application of colour and texture, sometimes days will pass before the final application that completes the piece.

I have my first Solo Exhibition in the Maeldune Heritage Centre, Market Hill, Maldon, Essex from 15th July to 1st August . The centre is open from Tuesday to Saturday 11.00 to 4.00.
If you are travelling and would like to meet me then please use the contacts page and I will do my best meet up with you.